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BLOG – 2nd Helper This Month Dies at Work in Hong Kong 2

A foreign domestic helper, aged 28, died today after falling from a residential building in Wong Tai Sin. Police are yet to release details, but it is claimed that the woman fell onto a concrete canopy whilst cleaning windows.

External work on HK's high rises

External work on HK’s high rises is usually performed by well-protected scaffolders, image via ‘amdupp’ on Flickr

This is Hong Kong’s second such death in 3 weeks. Earlier this month, Melaine Nobleza, a 45 year old Filipino helper, fell from a 12-story building. Melaine had worked in Hong Kong for almost 25 years and was also cleaning windows when she fell. Authorities took almost a week to relay the news to her family. The incident received no media coverage in Hong Kong’s English press.