Campaign Points Summary

HK Helpers Campaign is fighting in the public sphere and in the courtroom for three simple things. Read more about our approach, click the three campaign points below or learn how you can support the cause…

Scrap the 2-week rule

Both the ‘two-week’ and ‘live-in’ rules are unfair, discriminatory and prevent foreign domestic workers from escaping abusive situations. The majority of helpers are abused in some manner, yet they are made to live with their bosses and must leave return home within a fortnight if not in employment. Helpers are not allowed to attain permanent residency and are excluded from the universal minimum wage. Learn more.

Enforce Maximum Working Hours

Hong Kong’s foreign domestic workers are often expected to be ‘on call’ 24/7. On average, helpers work 102 hours per week and some do not get a weekly rest day. They earn just HK$4,010 (US$517) per month and are powerless to negotiate working conditions. Furthermore, helpers may be excluded from upcoming ‘maximum working hours’ legislation. Learn more.

Stop Illegal Agency Fees

It is illegal to charge foreign domestic workers excessive fees yet recruitment agents, placement agencies in Hong Kong and loan companies collude to evade regulators, burden helpers and maximise profit. As many helpers work 7 to 8 months to repay loans, it is considered, by definition, ‘bonded labour’ – a form of slavery. Learn more.