VIDEO: Domestic Worker Short Film: ‘My Life in A Box’

My Life in a Box tells the story of two young mothers that live together, have faced similar losses, and yet inhabit worlds that could not be further apart.


As the cold arrives in typically tropical Hong Kong, Grace, a beautiful rich Chinese woman, struggles with the overwhelming grief of losing her son. Whilst Ana, her resilient and caring Filipino domestic worker, has already sacrificed raising her own son to care for Grace’s daughter.

Upon realising Ana is closer to her daughter than she is, Grace begins to pry into Ana’s world and is intrigued by what she finds.

Grace discovers that, despite the restricted life of a Hong Kong maid, Ana’s world is actually full of openness and joy. This stands in stark contrast to the hidden emptiness of Grace’s privileged world, and feels like a happiness beyond her reach.

To fill the void, Grace unwittingly forms an obsession with Ana’s young absent son, Daniel, and when Ana is away, Grace sleeps in Ana’s closet bed, pouring over photographs of him that she finds in small treasured boxes.

Where does happiness truly lie? Which of these women will find it? As Grace’s obsession grows, a tense confrontation builds, and their two worlds of sacrifice and loss collide in an explosive emotional finale.