ARTICLE – Yet ANOTHER Case of Torture Emerges as Gov’t Says Rules Won’t Change

Anis Andriani, a 28-year-old helper from Ponorogo, Indonesia, was hospitalised in Pokfulam this week after her employer allegedly chopped off her finger with a knife. Anis says she had previously attempted to alert neighbours to her ill-treatment. When she was unable to understand her employer, Anis says she severed the tip of her finder with a knife on a chopping board.

It is the latest in a spate of torture incidents. Yet as Anis was being treated in hospital, the government promised that the two-week rule and live-in rule – which enable such mistreatment – are here to stay.

Anis was held in debt bondage and was placed with employer just 5 days before the incident by Sunlight Employment Agency in North Point.

Ms Chan, from the agency, spoke to HK Helpers Campaign, earlier today. “It happened on Monday morning. We got a call from the helper – she said she got hurt by her employer. We helped her to call building security, sent somebody to the house immediately and called the police ” she said.

Ms Chan said that helpers are told to call Sunlight Employment Agency immediately if in trouble and that each helper is given a card with their number upon arrival. Usually, the agency checks on their helpers seven days into the contract. It was the first time this particular employer had hired a helper from Sunlight Employment Agency.

Police have charged the suspect.

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In a paper submitted to the Manpower Panel, the government said “The main purpose of the two-week rule is to allow foreign domestic workers sufficient time to prepare for their departure and not to facilitate them to find new employers” They said the ‘live-in’ rule will remain unchanged as helpers knew of the situation before arrival and it helps “meet the acute shortfall of local live-in domestic workers”.

58% of workers had faced verbal abuse, 18% had suffered physical abuse and 6% had been sexually abused

Members of the ‘Justice for Erwiana’ Committee are currently with Anis advising her in hospital. Indonesian activist Sringatin said, “…the Hong Kong government should make a move to repeal and reform anti-migrant policies as it will surely send a clear message to unscrupulous employers that foreign domestic workers must be treated with respect. Until then, abuse… like what happened to Erwiana, and now with Anis, will always be a common occurrence in Hong Kong” 

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