EVENT – Protest Tomorrow, Noon, at Labour Department

An announcement below from the Justice for Erwiana Committee. Visit the Erwiana Justice Centre to donate directly to her.

Justice for Erwiana


Dear friends,

The case of Erwiana Sulistyaningsih is the latest exposed case of abuse and violence against migrant domestic workers in Hong Kong that should urge the Hong Kong government to make a thorough review on its policies that put the likes of Erwiana in a condition vulnerable to violation of their rights and dignity as a woman, worker and as a human being.
Hong Kong Labour Department plays a big role in defining the labour condition of migrant workers aside from regulating recruitment agencies and their practices.
It was very unfortunate that despite the gravity of Erwiana’s case, Labour Secretary Matthew Cheung publicly stated that the mandatory live-in employment arrangement – a policy that put MDWs vulnerable to abuses – is here to stay. This statement does not help at all in improving the condition of MDWs in Hong Kong that will mitigate the possibility of more women experiencing the horrors of Erwiana and other forms of violence.
Additionally, the Hong Kong government has also not yet made any indication that it will look int the policies on and practices of recruitment agencies that are detrimental to the rights and wellbeing of MDWs. Agencies are also under the responsibility of the Labour Department.
In this regard, we are inviting you to a protest action to criticize the Labour Secretary’s hardline stand on the live-in arrangement, the ineffective enforcement of the EAA of the 10% maximum agency fee that can be charged to workers, and the absence of an effective mechanism to ensure that employers are following the provisions of the employment contract inside the household-workplace.
WHAT: Action to urge the Labour Department to reform the live-in employment arrangement and curb abuses of recruitment agencies.

WHEN:  23 January 2014, 12:00NN (Assembly time: 11:30AM, Exchange Square)

WHERE:  Labour Department
Harbour Building
38 Pier Road
Central, Hong Kong SAR.
For details, please contact Sringatin (69920878), Eni (96081475) or Eman (97585935)