Helper Charities & NGOs

Hong Kong is home to many great NGOs and charities working every day to improve the plight of the city’s foreign domestic workers. The campaign is not affiliated with any local groups but works closely with members of the helper advocacy community and with individual workers. You can visit the websites and social media pages of each organisation below – several welcome monetary donations or volunteers…

Helpers for Domestic Helpers (websiteFacebookdonate)

HDH is an NGO providing legal advice, counselling and guidance to foreign domestic workers in Hong Kong. Over the years HDH has assisted thousands of domestic helpers in distress and helped recover millions of dollars in compensation through the courts or direct intervention. It provides a high level of service with the help of dedicated volunteers and lawyers.

Open Door (websiteFacebook)

Open Door shares the real lives and views of Hong Kong’s foreign domestic workers and employers. It shares the activities of those who are supporting domestic workers’ struggle for justice and equality. 


Enrich (website, Facebook, donate)

Enrich is a charity specialising in providing practical financial literacy training, business development training and communication courses to migrant workers and ethnic minority women.

Pathfinders (websiteFacebookdonate)

PathFinders empowers female migrant workers in crisis pregnancies to make informed life decisions for themselves and their Hong Kong-born babies and to find a dignified path towards a legal, safe and sustainable future.  Through addressing each mothers and babies most immediate and basic human needs, nurturing their understanding of human and legal rights and obligations and enabling them to access critical services, counselling, support networks, information and education, PathFinders empowers mothers to make wise life decisions which are in the best interests of the babies.

Bethune House Migrant Women’s Refuge (website, Facebook, donate).

Established in 1986, Bethune House is a temporary shelter for women migrant workers in distress seeking justice. Women migrant workers accommodated in the refuge have cases to file or ongoing cases related to: labour grievances & claims; illegal collection of agency fees / collection of exorbitant fees, forced loans; police, immigration, health & other concerns.

Mission for Migrant Workers (website, Facebook, donate)

The Mission for Migrant Workers (MFMW) is a migrant-serving institution established in Hong Kong in 1981. It is an ecumenical organisation assisting migrant workers who are in distress. It also supports efforts which give recognition and respect to the rights and well-being of migrant workers within the larger community.

 Hong Kong Women’s Workers Association (websiteFacebookdonate).

The Hong Kong Women Workers’ Association promotes women workers’ interests and status and advocates for policies and resources on their behalf. The Association was founded in 1989 and fights for women’s labour rights at a grassroots level, including those involved in paid work, housework or child care. 

The United Filipinos in Hong Kong (UNIFIL-HK) (website)

Established in 1985, UNIFIL acts as a platform for migrant Filipinos in HK to unite and raise awareness of social migrant problems. It often raises funds for victims affected by natural disasters in the Philippines and emphasises the importance of cooperation between different Filipino NGOs locally and internationally.

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Hong Kong Federation of Asian Domestic Workers Unions (websiteFacebook)

FADWU comprises of unions of local and migrant domestic workers with different nationalities (Thai, Chinese, Indonesians, Filipinos & Nepalis). It is affiliated with the HKCTU (Hong Kong Confederation of Trade Unions), an independent trade union organization in Hong Kong. It aims to organise all domestic workers in solidarity to fight for our rights and collective bargaining power.

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Justice and Peace Commission of Hong Kong Catholic Diocese (website)

The Justice and Peace Commission aims to foster a fuller understanding and greater recognition of the basic equity between all human beings. Set up in 1965, it analyses social policies, makes recommendations, advocates for human rights and promotes social awareness within the church and Hong Kong. It has fought for qual opportunities and righ tof abode for minorities such as foreign domestic workers.

Christian Action (website, Facebook, donate)

Christian Action is ‘passionate about seeing justice done to save domestic helpers from abusive employers’. They offer legal advice and run two safe houses where abused helpers can recuperate whilst their legal case is in progress. It also runs a training centre for helpers, with classes in IT, English and financial literacy.

Progressive Labour Union of Domestic Workers Hong Kong (PLU) (website, Facebook)

The Progressive Labour Union of Domestic Workers and its parent organisation in the Philippines  the Alliance of Progressive Labour  aim to organise the working people along industry, sectoral and geographic lines.

Hong Kong Confederation of Trade Unions (websiteFacebookdonate).

The HKCTU  is a pro-democracy labour and political group with 170,000 members in 90 affiliates. The principles put forward by the HKCTU are ‘Solidarity, Rice Bowl, Justice and Democracy’. It calls for the right to collective bargaining and protection against dismissals for involvement in trade union activities.

The Association Concerning Sexual Violence Against Women (ACSBAW) or Rainlily (website, Facebook, donate)

ACSBAW works to raise awareness of sexual violence against women and promotes a gender equal environment. The Association, advocates for both the government and the community to provide adequate support to victims, to defend their rights and restore their lives with confidence and dignity.

Regional NGOs:

International Migrant Alliance and Association of Indonesian Migrant Workers (website)

The IMA was founded by 108 organisations from 25 countries and composes mainly of grassroots migrant’s groups. It is a broad international alliance unified under a clear ‘Basis of Unity and General Programme of Action’. Foreign workers who labour in factories, in agricultural fields, in households, in sweatshops, in restaurants and in almost all other fields have a voice in the IMA.

Mekong Migration Network

Mekong Migration Network (websiteFacebook)

“Established in 1989, the Asian Migrant Centre (AMC) is a regional NGO that advocates for human rights and empowerment of migrant workers and their families in Asia. In Hong Kong, it has initiated organising and unionising migrant workers’ trade unions and associations while also promoting migrant savings to achieve economic and social empowerment.”

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Please contact us if you would like to see your relevant NGO/charity added to this list.

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