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BLOG – Another Domestic Maid Tortured by HK Employer Flees; Hospitalised.

(N.B. Graphic images below) Erwiana Sulistayaniangsih, a foreign domestic helper from Indonesia, fled Hong Kong last week after being beaten by her employer in Tsueng Kwan O for months on end.

Qf0mAnul.jpg (640×423)

Erwiana safe in Java

Indonesian NGO ‘Asosiasi Tenaga Kerja Indonesia di Hong Kong‘ (ATKI) said that Erwiana came to the city last May and was beaten daily for 8 months with sticks and hangers for performing poorly at her job. She was released when she was no longer able to walk and was allowed to return home with HK$100. Throughout her ordeal, she was warned not to speak to any other Indonesians.

The name and address of her former employer have been published online as the photos went viral amongst HK’s Indonesian community.