Transparency Centre

100% Transparent & Accountable:

Our Transparency Centre exists so that all visitors and supporters can see how much money we have raised for our campaigning and how each cent is spent. The many hours of labour and expertise involved in running the campaign are not listed, as we rely on volunteer activists to donate their skills. 

If you are able to support us monetarily through the donation options in in our Action Centre, we can have a much bigger impact.

About our PayPal/Credit Card Donations:

Credit card donations are currently handled using a private PayPal account.

About our Bitcoin Donations:

View our current balance here.

Bitcoin is a decentralised payment network which is not owned or under the control of any corporation or government. We accept bitcoins because it allows anybody in this world to make a donation with almost zero fees, even if they do not have a credit card or bank account.

When you make a donation in bitcoin the funds will be immediately exchanged for HKD which are sent to the HK Helpers Campaign. An external party guarantees us that the funds will reach us in HKD in full. Neither you nor we bear any transaction costs or volatility risk.

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